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AutoCAD Mechanical is a popular extension to the AutoCAD subscription for designers. It offers additional 3D drafting functionality developed with engineering, design, manufacturing, and mechanical specialists in mind. Besides, it will help companies involved in the stage of digital workflow prototyping to complete different tasks despite the complexity.

Autodesk developed the package to boost up traditional 2D CAD instrumentation. As a result, it ensures 65% higher productivity than standard software, making it possible for companies and individuals to deliver projects several times faster when compared with results achieved with standard AutoCAD software. As a result, users can benefit from reduced costs, shorter timeframes required for the product delivery, and improving project profitability.

Reasons to Purchase Cheap AutoCAD Mechanical

The software is definitely an excellent option for professionals seeking an enhanced toolset. The package comes with more than 700,000 parts and components and extra tools to complete various tasks. Expanded toolset capabilities include multi-layer management, support for various 3D file formats, power dimensioning instruments, and more.

Baseline AutoCAD Mechanical Features

Users will have access to a standard library of instruments. The standard toolset will meet the needs of specialists eager to manage, create, and modify different design projects for manufacturing purposes. So, the fundamental features include the following:

  • Automated tasks for mechanics and engineers. They may involve machine components generation, bills of materials creation, dimensioning, and more.
  • Development of assemblies and parts for the drawing as well as other niche-specific components and tools.
  • A library with more than 700,000 components, symbols, features, and instruments supporting BSI, ISO, DIN, and many other file formats.

AutoCAD Mechanical New Features to Look for

As stated earlier, AutoCAD Mechanical is an extension of the classic combination of CAD products. At the same time, it has grown into a self-sufficient program over the years with numerous essential updates and modifications the software has recently undergone.

Have a look at new AutoCAD Mechanical new features that can definitely make the difference:

Markup Import/Assist Feature

The software makes it easy to import various drawing revisions and take feedback from both PDF and printed markups. The system comes with support for PDF, JPG, and PNG file formats. What’s more, the Markup Assist feature can recognize printed drawings and help you import/insert them.

Macro Advisor Feature

A brand new functionality that offers automated commands to complete the most frequently performed actions and tasks. The feature provides macro suggestions via pop-up notifications.

Updated AutoCAD Web App

From now, the web application comes with support for LISP routines upload and execution.

Improved Trace Feature

AutoCAD developers have announced Trace feature improvements several years ago. The latest Mechanical version now has improved functionality, letting you create traces in both desktop and mobile mode.

Additional improvements include several modifications of already existing features. For example, users can benefit from the modified Count function to identify drawing areas and select counted objects, an integrated 3D graphics system featuring “Shaded” and “Shaded with Edge” styles, and more.

As a result, when you buy cheap AutoCAD Mechanical software, you get an ultimate tool with enhanced functionality, brand new features available in the latest software version, and improved existing instrumentation.

AutoCAD Mechanical Alternatives

Some users may opt for alternative software depending on their experience, skills, or background. While AutoCAD Mechanical hardly has competitors, you may still look for similar systems and programs provided by other development teams and companies. Here are some of the most popular Mechanical alternatives you might appreciate though they still do not offer the same efficiency level.

Creo Parametric

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Creo is an advanced software for specialists who look for breakthrough technologies. The software introduces advanced MBD and AR-based instruments alongside tools that refer to the IoT and Additive Manufacturing sector. It makes it possible for companies to establish a connection between digital and physical versions of their products.

The main features include a variety of modeling enhancements for topology optimization, analysis, and more. The platform offers four different tiers or plans. They have Essentials, Advanced, Advanced Plus, and Premium licenses, which look quite costly.


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KeyCreator represents a family of 3D CAD software instruments to support manufacturing and other types of designs featuring wireframes, solids, 2D drawings, surfacing, and more. It can also be used to create building assemblies and manage 3D workflows. It will meet the needs of those who prefer direct modeling and specialists who want to use a variety of translators to deliver projects faster. Users can select from 4 different price editions, including Standard, Pro, and Premium packages.


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OnShape is a good alternative for professionals who want to work from the cloud. Here we have a cloud-based solution that can be integrated with a variety of CAD programs and apps to ensure proper data management, design, and analytics from a single platform. The product comes with a powerful collaborative feature letting you cooperate with stakeholders via smartphones and tablets.

Depending on your expectations and the features you want to have, the system offers Standard, Enterprise, and Professional annual subscriptions. Although the package looks quite pricy, the software comes with a free trial to test the system in real-time and decide if it suits your goals.

Can I Buy AutoCAD Mechanical Lifetime License?

Sure! You can purchase a cheaper Mechanical version released before 2018. They are available as a lifetime package, which means you pay only once and can use the tool for as long as you need. Software-Gate distributes used and pre-owned licenses to guarantee the lowest price with the same functionality. If you need a version that is no longer accessible on the official website, visit our member’s area. Our digital store provides a range of pre-owned software. It means you can buy cheap AutoCAD Mechanical permanently. The system will have the same functionality depending on the release date.

The Bottom Line

AutoCAD Mechanical is an ultimate solution for manufacturing design with automated features and support for a range of file formats. It has everything a professional may need to deliver products several times faster to the end-user. Our website sells lifetime licenses and permanent subscriptions at the lowest price. Feel free to contact our support team. We are ready to answer every question and consult you on each product from our constantly updated library.

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