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GraphiSoft ArchiCAD

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GraphiSoft ArchiCAD as the Software to Look at

Choosing excellent architecture software has become vital for those who have big ambitions and clear goals linked to this process. If you are one of these people, we are ready to explain why ArchiCAD from GraphiSoft can really help you implement your best ideas. Just follow the article given below, and you will learn everything needed!

The Most Necessary Info About the Product

First of all, GraphiSoft ArchiCAD features are multiple, and you will see that it is a great software after going through them.

Here is what you need to take into consideration when planning a GraphiSoft ArchiCAD purchase:

  • This is a software that suits for dealing with a team;
  • It is going to be able to handle any project (speaking of the scale and complexity);
  • There is very nice model support, and you are going to be amazed by the variety of tools built into the software;
  • Also, you can take advantage of the documentation tools. It allows focusing on the design more (when you don’t have to bother about paperwork).

As you can see, it is going to be a nice idea to buy GraphiSoft ArchiCAD! But still, such a purchase has to be well-planned and considered thoroughly. It is great if it is based on your individual purposes and aspirations.

ArchiCAD Today: What Has Changed?

ArchiCAD 25 is the latest version of the product. The developers tried to update GraphiSoft ArchiCAD to make it even better for the potential clients and those who already use the product on a regular basis. So, let’s see what GraphiSoft ArchiCAD new features were introduced for the customers.

  • First of all, the usability can be called enhanced now. The same can be said about navigation. All of this means that any user will be able to deal with the product. Do not worry, even if you have no experience working with the architecture software at all!
  • The developers also improved rendering capabilities;
  • Cost and quantity estimations are thought to be more precise now. Can you imagine how great is this?
  • Thanks to the GraphiSoft ArchiCAD new features, you can collaborate with the engineers whose work is based on Revit (to be exact, support of Revit files of up to 2021 is built into the ArchiCAD now). This might be extremely handy for some of you;
  • If you decide to migrate from Revit to ArchiCAD, this can be done quickly and painlessly as long as the developers have taken care of such a case.

Actually, much more than this has been changed in the work of ArchiCAD. You can familiarize yourself with a whole list by following the official website.

Some Great Alternatives to Encounter

Sometimes, finding good stuff to replace a certain problem may become a relevant matter. Below, we will show you what software can be used for this purpose:

  • Revit. Well, this one has already been mentioned above. And, it is going to be a splendid choice as long as there is a chance to switch between this one and ArchiCAD. All in all, Revit is a suitable product to implement even your craziest ideas. However, it is going to be more costly;
  • SketchUp. Intuitive is the first word that has to be applied to this one. It means that no matter what skills in working with the architecture software you have, it will be of no difficulty to deal with this one. By the way, it is relatively simple to admin and set it up;
  • AutoCAD Architecture. If you have been involved in architecture software for a long time, you have definitely heard of this one. Basically, all your pickiest requirements are going to be met with it. Do not be afraid to face a high cost because it is worth it.

Naturally, there is more stuff that can replace the GraphiSoft ArchiCAD. However, if you pick it and nothing else, you will not complain.

The Cost of the Product: What Shall You Expect?

The pricing of GraphiSoft ArchiCAD is the aspect that worries many of those who consider buying this excellent product. First of all, remember that you can download GraphiSoft ArchiCAD and discover its basic functions in the trial version. The trial version can be used for 30 days. Within this period, you get the chance to decide whether you like the product or not. Accordingly, after that, you will be able to activate GraphiSoft ArchiCAD with the product key (which you will buy in our store at a discount).

By the way, when you buy and download GraphiSoft ArchiCAD in our store, you get a version that is designed for professional use. We do not sell a version for students and teachers.

GraphiSoft ArchiCAD best price – what is it? In fact, GraphiSoft ArchiCAD’s cost is going to be really profitable today. The matter is that you can expect to receive a discount of up to 70%! In this case, it will be a beneficial deal, and there is no sense in thinking the purchase over. Do not hesitate to do this today, and your architecture software experience will be brilliant!

As for the real figures, here they are. If you plan to get an ArchiCAD Solo version, it will cost you $1800 a year or $240 a month. By getting this one, you will be able to work individually and share the files with everyone who also has ArchiCAD. And, if you decide to obtain ArchiCAD Full version, it will cost you $280 a month or $2250 a year. In this case, you will receive the latest version of the product and will be capable of accessing technical support, working within a team, getting discounts on training courses, and much more! Not that the cost given here is introduced without the discount.

This is basically all we wanted to tell you about the GraphiSoft ArchiCAD. Getting it for permanent use will be a great solution if you would like to deal with creating qualitative and effective architecture on your favorite device!

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