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Buy Cheap Autodesk PDM Collection

Buy Cheap Autodesk PDM Collection

Starting from $221.95 per month!
cheap PDM collection
Get the ultimate set of engineering apps to tackle your most ambitious projects and save more than 50% of the regular annual price.

Reasons to Buy Cheap Autodesk PDM Collection

The product introduces an ultimate collection of built-in apps to keep all phases of the project aligned and connected. A powerful toolset makes it possible to maintain any phase from concept and prototype to production. Collaboration functionality lets different stakeholders share instrumentation to streamline and improve the development and design process.

If you buy a cheap Autodesk PDM Collection, you will be able to create a high-performing design, layouts, production systems, and other different processes despite the complexity. Integrated risk-management tools and analytics help reduce risks of failure and keep all teammates aligned and connected across various departments and project development cycles.

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Why Buy Inexpensive Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection?

The collection is mainly designed to meet business needs. It comes at the best available price offering a complete set of apps brought together to create a single multi-disciplinary product with:

  • An extended version delivers numerous add-ons and plugins of Inventor to analyze, simulate, and create various product layouts.
  • Connected 2D drafting instrumentation, 3D rendering, and visualization.
  • Next-gen collaboration instrumentation is brought to users by Fusion 360.

Autodesk PDM Collection Features

The product will suit different business needs. It contains multiple software solutions in one package, including 3D Max, Inventor, Vault Professional, Recap Pro, AutoCAD, and some other iconic Autodesk programs.

As a result, you get an ultimate compilation of tools to do the following:

  • Create and deliver projects faster with lower risks of failure. The package comes with automated functionality to configure, fine-tune, and distribute ready-to-use products to customers
  • Deliver efficient, eco-friendly, and sustainable projects with minimum waste.
  • Develop products of high quality achieved through advanced simulation tools, project validation features, and manufacturing optimization.
  • Scale projects and explore new features in already running machinery.

Additional Benefits to Look for

Access to all version releases.

It ensures 100% compatibility with all departments and stakeholders despite their OS or software version. Users can access the newest product vision whenever needed as well as deploy and manage system updates.

Faster and more accurate quotations.

It is possible to set desired configurations and create automated settings that meet customers’ needs. It results in faster product deployment and delivery.

Stable data flow.

The software will keep your data flow uninterrupted, whatever happens. Users can create a single digital model from the starting point to the production phase while maintaining analysis, audit, and testing.

Improved communication between stakeholders.

When all teammates are aligned, it is possible to jump into production faster. With this product, all members involved can communicate each project faster and avoid errors that usually occur during later development stages.

Autodesk PDM Collection Alternatives

If you cannot buy a cheap Autodesk PDM Collection for some reason, you can look for an alternative. However, you should note that you will not find a better selection of products collected in a single app to handle multiple tasks though some of the following PLM / PDM software products can still provide a solid toolset.


Visit Product Website

The software is a well-established PLM program to manage product lifecycles and development stages with all major stakeholders involved. Developers tried to create a single application to keep people and processes connected and well-organized. The software boasts an intuitive interface as well as expanded functionality to manage products delivered as SaaS solutions, in the cloud, or on-premises.

Users may choose from several types of lifetime licenses. The entry plan offers a limited package for standard authors. Businesses will need the Rapid Start or Solid Edge packages that may seem pricy.

PTC Windchill

Visit Product Website

A great all-in-one solution for those who want to keep and track each component or detail of the project from a single PLM app. Users will find it easy to track the product history. Advanced UI features make managing and navigating look easy, which makes the app a good option not only for professionals but also for beginner users. Keep in mind that PTC Windchill is available only in a web-based solution.

Users may currently choose from three major pay plans. They include Base, Advanced, and Premium subscriptions with pretty affordable prices each depending on your tasks and requirements.

Upchain PLM & PDM

Another Autodesk cloud-based product to keep all details in one place. It was designed to help businesses and project teams keep their CAD data well-organized. The software comes with automated version control and enhanced collaboration tools to connect every member of the team. It is possible to track history and monitor all changes made during the product lifecycle. The product is available in both free and paid versions.

Aras PLM

Visit Product Website

A well-established and time-tested solution used by some of the industry’s biggest names, including 250,000 active users globally. Despite the complexity, the product was developed to help manage and deliver manufacturing, maintenance, and engineering products. A broad toolset makes it possible to cover multiple disciplines while functionality promises enhanced automation for various engineering and other processes.

The product offers a payment model that differs from the majority of software in the market. Unlike typical subscription models and lifetime licenses, here, you will need to pay for every user on a monthly basis.

Is there a cheaper version of the Autodesk PDM Collection?

Of course, there is. Our website introduces a pool of software professionals who constantly seek better and more affordable solutions for our customers. The selection of products is regularly updated. It means you can easily buy a cheap Autodesk PDM Collection of both earlier and later versions with just a few clicks.

Can I Buy Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection Lifetime License?

Here you can benefit from lifetime product ownership, which will prevent you from monthly deductions from your credit card. Pay once and use the product for as long as you want with no extra fees or additional payments. We offer used and pre-owned licenses that are cheaper though offering the same functionality and toolset.

The Bottom Line

Autodesk PDM Collection is a powerful software with a set of integrated apps to run, manage, maintain, and deploy projects faster. It is a perfect option to keep your data safe and properly organized with all team members connected.

Our support team is here to help 24/7. We will be glad to resolve any issue and help you with the purchase or installation process. Don’t forget to visit our member’s area to find licenses that are no longer available on the official website.

What’s in the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

Included Software


Frequent questions about the PDM Collection.

Why should I buy PDM Collection from you?

When you buy from Software-Gate.com, you are guaranteed to get the best price and terms possible.

How much will I save on this deal?

It's a great deal - you're guaranteed to save about 75% on only the best Autodesk products.

What is included in the PDM Collection?

With the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, you get these top Autodesk products + 6 collection-exclusive applications for advanced simulation, tolerance stackup analysis, CAM, etc.

What if I don't need all the products in the collection?

Use the products that you need and that will provide the most value. If you use only three products from the PDM collection, you can save a lot of money and reduce the time it takes from project start to finish.